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The Hurricane Sisters by Dorothea Benton – A Review

The Hurricane Sisters is a heartwarming tale of family bonds, and the pull of friendships. It perfectly outlines the modern relationships we have within our families. Set in the marvelous lowcountry of Carolina, The Hurricane Sisters is a novel that brings readers to a beautiful island, home to two close friends. Ashley Anne Walters and Mary Beth Smythe are two friends who live carefree in the beautiful beach house owned by Ashley’s parents. Although they are not rich, they have very big plans for their lives. Ashley is an inspiring artist, and Mary Beth wants to be a teacher. Together, while watching the beautiful sunset off the shores of the island, they hatch a plan to finally make a few dollars off of their situation.

Also highlighted in the tale of two friends are the parents of Ashley Anne Walters. She lives in her parents’ beach house, and her mother is worried about her daughter’s prospects.

A struggling artist is no life for the daughter of Liz Walters. Faced with the reality that her husband is using his business life as a mask for adultery, Liz expects even more from her artistic daughter. Ashley’s brother, who is a carefree gay man, is also living a precarious life, and Liz is constantly reminded of her shortcomings by her own mother. Liz’s mother is constantly comparing her to her deceased sister, because she was the perfect one. The pressure that Liz faces on a daily basis starts to get to her, and her life is beginning to change.

Dorothea Benton Frank did a marvelous job highlighting the lies, love, and anger that are so eminent in everyday life. No holds barred in The Hurricane Sisters; it is a blunt picture of the reality that is today, and the hardships we all face. The title of the book undoubtedly comes from the hurricane of emotions that the women of the novel are about to go through. This metaphor perfectly sums up Dorothea Benton Frank’s writing. She is a tempest of prose and experience that shines through in The Hurricane Sisters. Although a very good novel, it is more favorable amongst female readers. Dorothea Benton Frank has a very feminine touch to her writing that makes women feel right at home within the confines of her novels.

The Hurricane Sisters contains the perfect blend of Carolina’s historic culture, and modern culture. It bridges the gap between the lowcountry way of life, and that of the urban way of life. Dorothea Benton Frank is a high quality author, and her characters will make a lasting impression on readers.

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The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt – A Review

The Goldfinch is the third novel from acclaimed author Donna Tartt. The Pulitzer Prize-winning story starts with the tale of a young boy Theo Decker who survives a gruesome accident that claims the life of his mother. His father abandons him after meeting a new girlfriend, meaning Theo is forced to live with strangers. His new home, a lavish estate on New York’s Park Avenue, makes him feel even more uncomfortable. Theo’s new school and his new classmates are not all too friendly to him, and so he becomes attached to the only possession he has that reminds him of his late mother. It is a painting of a goldfinch: so simple, yet so beautiful.

The discovery of his love for this painting brings life to a new interest that Theo never knew he had. He discovers a new love for the lavish underworld of art. The art has an inspiring effect on Theo, and as an adult he spends his days working as an antique dealer. He also spends a lot of his time in the drawing rooms of upper class citizens, and finds that he is drawn to their polarizing lifestyle. Everything from Theo’s passion for the arts and antiques, to his love life, are all inspired by the one keepsake that reminds him of his mother. It is the goldfinch painting that sets the course of Theo’s life.

Donna Tartt brings a cast of lovable characters, suspense, and hints of romance to the tale of The Goldfinch. It is an inspiring novel, which takes place around a piece of inspiring art. This novel has certainly earned its place amongst the greatest novels of the past decade. Aside from the Pulitzer Prize, The Goldfinch has won an array of different honors. It is the winner of the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Fiction, and the runner up for the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction. The Goldfinch is more than just an award-winning novel; it is as much a work of art as the painting that it was inspired by.

Readers and critics both rave about The Goldfinch. It is a book that will have readers anxiously awaiting their next opportunity to read Donna Tartt. It is also a very good candidate to be made into a movie, and rumors are already circulating about this possibility. The legacy of The Goldfinch is bigger than the novel itself.