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The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood – A Review

I love Margaret Atwood’s books. All her works are written in a way that makes them intriguing to the point where they unleash your inner-being and creativity. The Blind Assassin, by Margaret Atwood, is the book that you’ve been searching for and will definitely leave you feeling fulfilled.

Atwood’s book is a historical, yet fancy book that is similar to what you will read in The Handmaid’s Tale. It digs much deeper than this other novel, however. There are several layers of the story, laid out perfectly with a flowing epilogue. The book, depicting a feminist type of storyline, follows several women who have become trapped within their circumstances.

The book takes place in the 1930s in a Canadian town called Port Ticonderoga. The book gets right into the story from the first page, and in the first few pages the reader learns about the death of the narrator’s sister after an automobile wreck. Then you learn of an affair, before another story begins.

Who is the narrator? That would be Iris Chase Griffin. Griffin is the daughter of a successful businessman as well as a widow of a successful businessman. She was born privileged, but through her various newspaper editorials, she proves that this doesn’t necessarily mean bad things and even tragedies cannot happen.

Iris’ sister Laura dies young and her husband soon follows. The two girls had no mother growing up as she died when they were young. Iris does have a daughter, but she is living her life on a reckless and dangerous path.

What you haven’t learned so far, however, is that these women do not allow themselves to be doomed by these tragic events.  It is easy to become friends with Iris and Laura, just as they did so long ago when they were still children. It is easy to understand how they feel, that they are missing out on something and are trapped by the circumstances of life. Many people can relate to the events in this novel. The epic story unfolds dramatically over more than 500 pages, with no stone left unturned. The Blind Assassin explores the dark side of human behavior and human nature, the side that is so often left out of the public eye, instead hidden and generally not discussed.

The Blind Assassin is an excellent read for adults and young adults. It is captivating, well-written and sure to satisfy your need for a good read. There are many parts to the book, and each is broken down and explained so that you feel that you feel a part of the things that are taking place. Sit down when you have a bit of time to devote to the book, though – you will not want to put it down.