I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson – A Review


This story is told from two viewpoints – the earlier story is told from Noah’s perspective, while the later years are told from the view of Jude. The interesting thing is the two are twins who go from being the typical inseparable twins to distant and at odds. What can happen in the span of three years to so drastically change the relationship between the twins? This question is answered, and other details of their lives are shared in this remarkable work.

Nelson’s writing style strongly impacts the reader, and her depth of each character guarantees you will walk away from the book with strong feelings for the twins and their family. You can empathize as the twins come of age and the family deals with big events during a time the boys are already dealing with changes to their bodies and life in general. The metaphors that Nelson drops throughout her writing can be a bit to understand at first, but readers come to find the writing style is a draw once they grasp Nelson’s intent.

Honesty and family are two big themes throughout this work. These are important to society at large, and the way Nelson shows their importance in her writing is a great technique mixed into her masterful plot and emotional storyline, filled with twists and turns. The writing grabs the reader and ensures they feel strongly for one twin or the other. Some find Noah easier to relate to, while others see more of themselves in Jude. Either way, the twins sharing the story of their lives is intriguing and so strong you can feel the emotions with them as events unfold.

The fact that the twins narrate different points in their lives makes the story flit back and forth a bit. Noah is telling the story of what happens during the teens’ lives at the age of 13 and 14, while Jude’s story is told while the twins are 16. It shows events that occur in their lives and the repercussions they must deal with at a later date. For some people, the shifting timelines are hard to follow. However, for those who persevere, it becomes apparent that this story could not be told in any other way.

This story shares the impact a specific event can have on a family, at a time when each of the twins is making discoveries about themselves and their place in the world. The choice to hold back and not share everything with one another makes a huge impact on their bond and the way they interact with one another. This has big consequences a few years into the future.

The story is one that can show you how trying life can be, yet there is hope at the end. The beauty of this story is in the conclusion and the way hope and strong emotions are shared throughout the storyline. Readers who complete the book share a love and admiration of the book. It is well-recommended for both younger readers and adults.

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